June 28th: Letting Go

Letting Go:

Letting go of someone who you really love is not that easy, you need to deal with the pain in order to be happy again. It’s like not going to your favorite place again. You don’t need to go back to that place again because the memories will kill you and you need to forget about it and start finding another one again where you are really suitable for. At first, it’s hard, but in some cases, you need to, for you to move on and start again. You’re a human too, you deserve to be happy.

I let him go not because I don’t love him anymore. I let him go because it’s the best for the both us. We’re too young to know about forever as what One Direction says, but seriously, We’re too young for this thing called “Love”. Love is such a big word. It composes of many “sub-things”. Love is about sacrificing. Love is a responsibility. Love takes your freedom to be happy on your own or to do things on your own. Yes, maybe it’s nice to have someone to be there for you, but isn’t it even nicer if you will start on your self?  Start to love yourself first before others, because sometimes life is a trickster. Life will deceive you on some ways and you need to deal it alone. You need to stand alone for your own sake. Don’t be stuck with a person who make you feel worthless. That’s why many people today stays being single because no one can hurt them. If you are already tired in your relationship, if you are already hurting and you don’t feel love anymore or maybe you realize that you still have many plans to do in your life, talk to him/her. And whatever decision you made, do it without any regrets. Let him/her go if it needs to. True love never fails, and it fails, it’s not true love. And one more thing, true love always waits.



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