too bitter to believe in forever
too numb to feel anything
i am too empty to write
to write things about you
to write things about us
what happened? why so sudden?
but then i found myself
sitting beside my bed
holding a black pen
ready to start our story;
you color my life
like no one else
you are my soulmate
my one only love
you were always there
through thick and thins
we were so happy
so happy together
we dream beyond impossible
we talk different things
from our favorites
to the worst experience
we were so perfect to each other
i always think of you
you always think of me
i loved you so much
that i forgot myself
i was lost, and yet
you found me.
but after a short while
our world turns upside down,
you crush me into pieces
broke me until im empty
and leave me like im a stranger
and then i realized
you are the arrow
i took the aim
and shoot my own heart.





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