Apps for your Instagram Feed

Are you looking for a photo editor app that will suit your Instagram feed? Then, you are in a right site! These 6 apps are all free and it is also used by most of the famous bloggers and celebrities like Nadine Lustre (@nadzlustre),  a Filipina actress, Cassie Masangkay (@cassiemasangkay) of tothe9s, a youtube blogger, Mariane Lim (@limmariane) a fashion enthusiast and she is also a Clozette & Colourette Ambassador and James Reid (@jaye.wolf), one of the famous celebrity in Philippines who has a “feed-goals” in Instagram.

So here are the Top 5;

  1. VSCO


VSCO is a photography app where you can transform your photo to the next level as long as you know how to balance the preset, contrast, exposures and other adjustments. It enables you to combine photo-editing apps, picture-taking or and photo-sharing where you can meet different people who also uses VSCO. You can use VSCO in “theme-ing” your feed. VSCO is a free app. You can download it in the App Store or in the Play Store.

9/10 – Some presets are not free  and you need to pay for additional filters


2. Snapseed


Snapseed is an app by Google. It is a free app that can be downloaded in Play Store and App Store. If you’re more on photography, Snapseed is the best for you. It is like a mini Adobe Lightroom where you can tune, transform your image and if you want to brighten a part of your photo you can use the selective part. Snapseed is a great app in terms of tuning your images.

10/10 – Great in tuning images and you can choose different presets.


3. Afterlight


Afterlight is a paid app with a great features due to its uncluttered user interface. You can also adjust your photos, you can choose different filters, and you can add frames and transform your photo that looks like it has been taken by a polaroid.

8/10 – Being creative is one of the key to a great photo.


4. Picsart


Picsart is like a mini Photoshop app in your phone. You can transform your photo to a whole new different level depending on your skills in Photoshop and creativity. You can blend your photos with another photos, adjust the different adjustments in your photo, add stickers and effects, and a little bit of magic where you can turn your photo into a sketch or a painting. Picsart has many features that will help you turn your photo into a different level. In addition, Picsart also features a remix where you can edit the edit of the other people and turn it into your own way. Picart a free app. You can download it in Play Store and App Store.

9/10 – Your only limit in creativity is You.


5. Phonto


Phonto is a great typography app that allows you to add texts to your pictures. If you are fond of putting texts with an amazing font, then Phonto is an app for you. You can download your favorite font and you can use it through the help of Phonto. Phonto is a fully functional free app. You can download it in App Store and Play Store.

8.5/10 – Texts expresses thoughts but photos expresses more thoughts

A combination of this 2 or 3 apps out of this 5 suggested apps, you can surely produce your own best photo for your Instagram feed. Always remember that your only limit is you. Be creative and imaginative to make your feed a #FeedGoals one.

P.S: I’m using VSCO, Snapseed and Phonto (If I want to add texts) in my feed. Sometimes, I use Afterlight to add frames on my photos. Check out my instagram @mojojooow.



Day 7 of Surviving

  • Rest.
  • Sleep more. Your body needs more energy to deal with that pain you are going through.
  • Meditate.
  • Rest your emotions.

Day 5 of Surviving

  • Your thoughts may reflect some guilt, worry, condemnation or self-depracation. It is just a symptoms of stress you are going through.
  • Don’t punish yourself. Please don’t.
  • You are much mote than the emotional wound you are currently suffering. 
  • Always remember, you are good, whole, worthwhile and great human being.