Hello Changes!

In my 18 years of existence in this “not-so-good” society, there’s already many changes and will continually change as the time goes by. We will all acquire changes as we grow up and it’s natural, it’s the effect of the environment we’re living and it’s the voice that society wants us to adopt from all the trends especially the effects of the social media nowadays. Social media are already dominating the system in our lives. Admit it, you don’t have a day without opening Facebook, right? That’s change! We are gradually changing because society wants us to adopt to what is trending. Good and bad things will happen and it will cause changes. Even growing up is a ‘change’. Physically, I’m growing from the little “Joanna” to the “Joanna” you are talking right now. I am the product of change in my past and will remain as a product for the future. What are the things that change me while growing up? Will it help me in the near future? Will it help me to become a good citizen in the society?


There’s already many changes as I grow up. As a student before, I’m not cooperating in any events, I’m just “go with the flow” as long as I pass the subject but, now, I’m hugging change. I realized that I should study hard and be a responsible student. I know all these things I’m doing is for my own good and I know even if it’s hard, I will do it and I won’t give up because I have goals to achieve and attain. I want to be successful so that someday I can say to myself that all the hard works I go through, it’s all worth it.


Life without problem is boring. No pain and no drama. I also have problems in life, we all do. There was this time when I feel that all the problems were all coming from me, that I want to give up and rest for a while, but then I thought that the problems were infinite, there’s no end as long as you won’t resolve it. Problems won’t harm us as long as we know how to handle it and how to resolve it.

Problems have its own solutions. God gave us problems because He knows that we can do it. Problems will help us to face the everyday challenge that life throws us. Instead of avoiding my problems, I learned how to face it because it will help me to become a stronger and better person in the future. As I’m growing, my mind became mature enough to handle things on my own. I already quit the things I did in the past not only because it’s wrong, but also I learned a lesson from it. It leads me to a lesson that “what you do to others, will go back to you.” The things we do in our life reflects in our character.


As a student, a daughter and a friend, I already learned many things through my journey and I know many more will come. Life is ‘a give and take’ process. We commit mistakes, we forgive, repent and reconcile. Life is a series of forgiveness. Don’t hold grudges to the people you hate, psychologically speaking, it will just harm you mentally. Learn how to forgive and just forget. Life will go on with or without them. We may have lost our path while we take our journey, don’t give up because you can always straighten your path, just do the right thing. PAK GANERN!



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