I’m a Fan (Surallah Celebrity Night//Fangirl-ing experienced to Yohan Hwang)

June 21,2016
I went home from Gensan to Surallah just to witness Yohan Hwang performing again. It’s a cold night since it was slightly raining. The moment we arrived at the gym, we suddenly asked the front desk of the VIP seats if they still have the ticket, but they said it was only for the sponsors, in that moment, I’m already scared because I’m really looking forward to get closer with Yohan again because I won’t miss this second chance to meet him again. We suddenly saw Kuya Larry, he’s a family friend and he is working in the municipality, we went to him to ask help if he can give us seats on the VIP. Unfortunately, he can’t give us because he has nothing left so he suggested us to sit and wait for Yohan beside the bleachers (it is where the celeb.. will enter) So we sat there and while praying, Nicki Minaj-look-a-like already entered the backstage, so I have a chance to capture her.


For me, she looks more like Nicki Minaj if she’s in side view.

Fast forward, while Nicki Minaj look-alike was making fun of the boys she get from the crowd, the 2 car was already outside waiting for a signal to enter the gym. So, Ninja moves begin! We kept on talking to the Mamang Police if it was Yohan and Kiray on the car. We have so many questions and he was just answering it. Mamang Police was so kind that he was suggesting us that if Yohan will arrive, we just took a video of him instead of taking pictures with him and so on blah blah. Nicki Minaj look-alike already finished her performance and quickly exits on our way.

Sadly, I didn’t have a video on her because I was surprised and didn’t have a chance to open up my phone. It was fast! After that Kiray already showed up and I was videoing her when I accidentally touched a wrong button in my phone and video disappear. How unlucky! But btw, she was so sexy! In the middle of Kiray performance, Yohan enters the stage and I was like, Oppaaa! I didn’t have a chance to capture him because the moment was so fast and even the people around us didn’t expect that Yohan will enter out of the blue. I was so close to him!! *Omooo* After Kiray performance, she immediately exits from the crowd and I was one of the lucky people to hold her hands. *I’m not her fan, but I admire him*

Save the best for last? *Hmmm* When the emcee started to announce the name of Yohan Hwang the crowd was screaming. The crowd was on fire! Super hyper! And we kept on shouting! Yohan Hwang started to sing HAHAHasula and I already expect it! (he also sang it when he visits Gensan).

While he was performing, together with my niece and my friend Joyce, we have been already screaming! And we decided to raise the banner, goraaa na to! He was singing so good and I can’t help it to giggle. Some of VIP wanted to have a selfie with him, but he refused (It’s too early babies! bleee :P) He looked on our side and my niece was holding the banner.  He suddenly waved his hand to us and make a heart shape through his finger and we are screaming, giggling and we can’t believe “Yohan Hwang notices us” so the crowd’s eyes were also on us! The Police and the people besides us was just laughing at us because ‘grabe gid daw kilig namun.’ One of the police told us that on the 2nd song of Yohan we will enter the VIP. And we’re so shocked! But he it was still the last part of HAHASULA when he signalled us to enter the VIP seats. Quickly, we entered and while we were entering we kept on shouting and giggling because from Gen-Ad to VIP! How lucky us! We enter the VIP through where the Celeb also entered or we can also term it as backstage! Kuya Larry and Capt. Philip told us to stay aside, so we sat on the floor before the front row of the VIP Chairs. We were already close to Yohan! I cri!!!!

He starts to sing his 2nd song and I forgot the title. I just kept on recording him on my phone and God, You created a genius. His voice was totally good. And we are screaming when he hit the highest note of the song. I kept on making the heart shape and waving it. My niece still waves our banner and AGAIN, He notices us. Yes and he really reads our banner and he said “Aww Thank You!” while pointing his finger to us and make the heart shape. We scream again!!! Actually, he notices us many times. On the third song! Thiz iz it! The moment of unexpected!

On the second stanza of the 3rd song he came down from the stage and walked with us. He was already preparing his right hand for us to hug him, yes we hugged him! And we’re the first and lucky fans to hug him. (The photo below is from the recorded live on Facebook by Tito Mike, but he deleted it anyway. Idk )


After that hugging moment some staff already forbids other fans to hug Yohan. I don’t have the chance to have a selfie with him because some of the VIPs were already after him. 😭 After that we exits and thanked the police who let us enter. After that we went to Municipal hall, hoping we could get the chance to meet him and give the gift personally but unfortunately! After the event they left already to Marbel.

We hugged him, but didn’t have the chance to give the gifts personally. (I was totally out of myself after I hugged him because I can’t even believe it that it happened!) Still, we’re lucky, right? ☺️ Thank Yohan! We’re always be on your side no matter what. Saranghae Oppa!